Any company is only as good as those who lead it.  We have some of the most experienced individuals in the industry collaborating to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our products.

Chris Myers  |  Owner / President

Chris grew up in the injection mold industry, gaining experience from his father and grandfather, both having previously worked for Carson.  Chris brings 20+ years of experience to the table and is involved in every aspect of the business from quoting to mold design assistance to customer liaison.  His hands-on approach enables the company to deliver a top quality product and uphold the reputation that his grandfather began cultivating back in 1945.

Marshall Leath  |  Engineering Manager

Marshall is a 40 year veteran of the mold-building industry and has designed hundreds of molds over the course of his career.  In addition, he is also an accomplished tool maker, having hand-built molds for Carson, and others, beginning in 1978.  His grasp, not only of the latest technological advancements but also the finer points of mold making, enable him to quickly and accurately conceptualize ideas and plans for superior tool design. 


Juan has a 23 year background in tool making, having attended trade school and subsequent apprenticeship programs beginning when he was 19 years old.  Juan has been at Carson for the last 10 years and has managed both the shop and production throughout that time.  He has been instrumental in integrating the consistently upgraded technology with tool making craftsmanship to ensure that the highest quality products are leaving the shop.


George Myers (left) and George Carson (right) discussing business

George Myers (left) and George Carson (right) discussing business

Established in 1945

Carson Tool & Mold has been producing injection and compression molds of the highest quality since 1945. We have earned our reputation for excellence by designing and building over 5,000 quality molds since our inception, many of which have been in operation for over 40 years.  

Carson Tool and Mold was founded in 1945 by George Carson, who owned and operated the company until his retirement in 1989, at which time he sold the company to Bob Bishop and Steve Bright. The new owners were assisted in their daily operations by George Myers who had been the plant manager for 35 years. In 1994, when George Myers retired, his son David became the company’s General Manager.


In April of 2000, David Myers, who had joined Carson in 1973 and had served in numerous positions from Mold Making Apprentice to Mold Designer to General Manager, attained ownership of the company.

In 1997, David’s son Chris also joined the company to learn the trade and in April 2015 became owner of Carson Tool & Mold.  His 20+ years of design and mold making experience continue the company’s tradition of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

The Team

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