Avoid the Manufacturing
Domino Effect.

You’ve seen it many times and so have we.  Shortcuts that are made at some point during the process from design to part production.  So often the shortcut is made when choosing the mold builder which can lead directly to a “pay me now or pay me later” scenario.  Although you have many decisions to make, we try to make several of them easy for you.  Our design and engineering team views both short-term and long-term goals and collaborates with you to employ a mold design that matches your productivity needs with longevity.  This service, combined with our process of manufacturing injection molds of the highest quality, gets your project started on the right foot and allows you to reach full production faster and with a higher degree of confidence than ever before.


73 Years of Experience

Since 1945, Carson Tool & Mold has held the belief that quality trumps quantity.  We strive to always produce a top quality product which will outlast the part design and produce years of trouble-free service.

Over 5000 Molds

We have designed and built over 5,000 molds since our inception in 1945.  Our combination of craftsmanship combined with technology enables us to continually improve our product and operate more efficiently.

Personal Service

When you work with us, you will receive a level of personal attention that is uncommon elsewhere.  Our entire team is intimately involved with each project to ensure proper communication and quality.